Friday, 19 June 2009


Hi People

In my efforts to gain some help from somewhere, I thought I would contact the Green Party after all they are supposidly all for environmental issues aren't they. Well this is what I had back as an email from them. Kinda made me wonder what they are really all about, certainly not championing alternative energy solutions or water sustainability based on their reply. Certainly they are not questioning central government about alternatives to wind as the only apparent renewable energy programme in this country. So why vote for them???

Here's the email:
RE: Hi Caroline‏
From:Caroline Lucas (
Sent:16 June 2009 14:58:27
To: david gabriel'

Dear David,

Thank you for your information about water wheels and water collection.

The Green Party is a political party, and while we are interested in resource use efficiency, it is only in the broadest sense. We are campaigning for changes that put the environment at the heart of policy making, and regard that as more important than endorsing particular means or products by which eg resource conservation or energy generation is to be achieved. We do not have the technical expertise to pass judgement on every technical issue in the area of energy engineering; nor is it our policy to be closely associated with any particular commercial enterprise. Thus while we are interested in the information you have sent us, it is in fact not of direct use to us in our political and campaigning work.

I hope you will understand and please be assured that Caroline is an advocate of all renewable energy sources, including harnessing the power from moving water, and takes every opportunity to press for decentralised and mixed green energy generation.

Kind regards,

Cath Miller
Constituency Coordinator and Researcher
Office of Dr Caroline Lucas
Green Party MEP for SE England

You would think that they would at least be asking government 'Excuse me Prime Minister has any Research and Developement been done with regards to Water Wheels as a viable renewable energy resource? Do you have out put and installation costing, and how do these compare with that of Wind Turbines? i.e. are they more efficacious or less or both the same so that the Bristish public have the choice of where they would like to have their money spent with regards renewable energy'.

Or 'Could the Prime Minster tell us if this Government intends to start a programme of roof water collection adaptations to properties for the poorest members of this society, thus injecting money into another Green Project, and at the same time creating jobs and helping to spend our way out of recession. The Green Jobs the Chancellor mentioned in his budget.

Could the prime Minsiter also tell us that given water meters are now compulsory for all new build home, does his government intend legislation that makes it also madatory, that roof water collection systems be fitted to all new build homes as well?'

That wouldn't be to hard a task for the Green Party would it, you would have thought it was their role to ask these things of Central Government rather that a citizen journalist, wouldn't you? Yep I sure would have thought it wuz Crazydave!

What are they asking people to support their party for if not for viable solutions to environmental issues. Again I will ask what ever becaome of objective one money in Wales? It certainly hasn't been spent on environmental projects that directly affect the people. Such as roof Water Collection adaptations. It certainly hasn't been in providing micro wind turnbines for every home in Wales. It certainly hasn't been spent on research and development on Water Wheel technology in a rain n river rich country that Wales is.

So Caroline Lucas will you at least consider starting asking Central Government these questions through the Media?????????????????? Or doing so now your a mep????

Love n Light People in this case it's helping to solve Green issues